Gothaer “Aktengeschrei”

Most people block the Insurance topic out – why? because it´s confusing. Gothaer will sort that problem for you.
my task:
My task was to animate the typo that our protagonist shifts in position to emphasize its meanig.
Supporting the very professional director Maurus vom Scheidt at the set and in realizing his ideas for this movie,
we created a really not so common insurance spot.
Linus Brandes, Petra Delitsch, Alexander Gabrysch, Marc Goecke, Niko Papoutsis

Very dynamic layout of a new German Railroad product. As this remains an agency pitch, unfortunatly I cannot show the clip on my portfolio… sorry.
my task: Together with my very talented friends at optix, I animated the ICE train and the red ribbon, which was the main carrier of the new product information.

credits: Linus Brandes, Renato Klieger, Irma Solernou, Hannes Weniger